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Welcome to Asian Cultural Empowerment where we foster Asian American communities in Atlanta embracing cultural heritage.


Our new project, Atlanta Indie Film Night, was just a mere imagination between our colleagues thinking of how nice it would be to have Asian American filmmakers’ pieces to be screened in our venue. Then, we have been fortunate enough to be introduced and discover great independent filmmakers! We are thrilled to present these amazing films as a private screening and a night to remember.


Our beloved colleague and 2022 ‘Being Ourselves’ grant recipient @saraheduff designed a t-shirt that is dedicated to our first film night. The design embodies elements from all six films so it will be fun to spot those out!


Your chance to get one of fifty shirts we made. Don’t wait until it runs out!


Sizes prepared S-XXL.

AAIFN Official T-Shirt -Sarah Duff edition

SKU: 2023aaifnt
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