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Ensuring Asian American cultural empowerment, we strive to get hands on approach to a wide range of projects which are cornerstones for building our diverse community.

Inside each project, people are at the center of our work.

Our projects incubate artists, humanities scholars, and professionals across all platforms and practices.

Together we can make an impact and influence more people including ourselves: conserving our culture.

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2022 Being Ourselves

ACE held its second Asian American art exhibition, Being Ourselves, on December 4, 2022. Amazing eight Atlanta-based Asian American artists participated.

Artists: @aaineki @crystaljinkim @andrew.blooms @saraheduff @nicolekangahn @trudytranart @hb4god @namkim_art




ACE held a traditional Korean wedding ceremony on March 26, 2022. ACE also prepared Samulnori, traditional Korean food, and fun activities.

Being Ourselves Poster.png



Asian American Cultural Heritage Art Exhibition introduced young Asian local artists in Atlanta, GA.

The film, fine arts, photography, and other different art media were exhibited.


2023 AAIFN

ACE held its first Atlanta Asian Independent Film Screening on May 5, 2023. Our inaugural survey featured six films: Wokman, Mandarins, Jinju, White Rabbit, The Thieves of Almira, Obaachan.

Film Impact Georgia, a lovely nonprofit organization dedicated to helping independent filmmakers were our proud sponsor for the night.

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